Zanna & Paco as special guests in new Necrodeath album

Zanna and Paco appear as special guests in new Necrodeath album “Phylogenesis“, out soon for Scarlet Records. The two odiados added some hate to the tracks “Extreme Emotional Shock” and “Propitiation of the Gods“.
Zanna y Paco aparecen como huéspedes en el nuevo disco de los NecrodeathPhylogenesis” (Scarlet Records). Los dos odiados añadiron un poco de odio a los temas “Extreme Emotional Shock” y “Propitiation of the Gods“.
Zanna e Paco appaiono come ospiti nel nuovo disco dei NecrodeathPhylogenesis“, in uscita a breve per la Scarlet Records. I due odiados hanno aggiunto un po’ di odio alle tracce “Extreme Emotional Shock” e “Propitiation of the Gods“.

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