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After 7 years of hate, fun and rock ’n’ roll, Raza de Odio members decided to disband. Therefore the band won’t perform again and won’t release any new album, while the shop will remain open.

We sincerely thank all our fans and previous members for their great support during these years; stay tuned with our side projects!

Después de 7 años de odio, diversión y rock ‘n’ roll, los miembros de la Raza de Odio decidieron de separarse. Por lo tanto, la banda no actuará otra vez y no divulgará ningun nuevo álbum, mientras que la tienda permanecerá abierta.

Agradecemos sinceramente a todos nuestros fans y miembros anteriores por su gran apoyo durante estos años, sigan siguiendonos con nuestros otros grupos!

Dopo 7 anni di odio, divertimento e rock ‘n’ roll, i membri dei Raza de Odio hanno deciso di separarsi. Quindi, la band non si esibirà più dal vivo, né pubblicherà nessun nuovo album, mentre il negozio rimarrà aperto.

Ringraziamo sinceramente tutti i nostri fans ed ex membri per il caloroso appoggio durante questi anni, continuate a seguirci con i nostri progetti paralleli!

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New Raza de Odio merchandise and special summer offers!

  • – CD only 5 euros
  • – T-shirt only 8 euros

Super offer: CD + T-shirt + sticker only 10 euros!!!

Check out the Shop (EspañolItaliano)

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To celebrate the megafestival “CREMONA A MANO ARMATA Pt.2″ to be held at CSA Dordoni in Cremona on April 22nd and 23rd, FOAD Records prepared an incredible surprise: a “soundtrack” of the event, featuring the performing bands, and released on a hand-numbered, ultra-limited FLEXI DISC 7″ in colored plastic. It will be handed out FOR FREE to the first 200 people buying the 2 days festival ticket at CSA Dordoni on April 22nd, for a mere 20 euros total price. There will be no pre-orders, pre-sales or reservations, only the first 200 people coming to the festival and buying the 2 days ticket for the weekend will be entitled to get a free copy of this rare item.

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Zanna and Paco appear as special guests in new Necrodeath album “Phylogenesis“, out soon for Scarlet Records. The two odiados added some hate to the tracks “Extreme Emotional Shock” and “Propitiation of the Gods“.
Zanna y Paco aparecen como huéspedes en el nuevo disco de los NecrodeathPhylogenesis” (Scarlet Records). Los dos odiados añadiron un poco de odio a los temas “Extreme Emotional Shock” y “Propitiation of the Gods“.
Zanna e Paco appaiono come ospiti nel nuovo disco dei NecrodeathPhylogenesis“, in uscita a breve per la Scarlet Records. I due odiados hanno aggiunto un po’ di odio alle tracce “Extreme Emotional Shock” e “Propitiation of the Gods“.
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Italia di Metallo New interview on Italia di Metallo (italian)

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