“Cremona a Mano Armata pt.2″ compilation

To celebrate the megafestival “CREMONA A MANO ARMATA Pt.2″ to be held at CSA Dordoni in Cremona on April 22nd and 23rd, FOAD Records prepared an incredible surprise: a “soundtrack” of the event, featuring the performing bands, and released on a hand-numbered, ultra-limited FLEXI DISC 7″ in colored plastic. It will be handed out FOR FREE to the first 200 people buying the 2 days festival ticket at CSA Dordoni on April 22nd, for a mere 20 euros total price. There will be no pre-orders, pre-sales or reservations, only the first 200 people coming to the festival and buying the 2 days ticket for the weekend will be entitled to get a free copy of this rare item.

There is indeed more: this compilation includes 1 song for each performing band, totaling 8 ultra-fast songs for 5 minutes of hyper adrenalinic hardcore grind, with UNRELEASED RECORDINGS from monsters Ratos De Porao, Dropdead e Lärm!! Now, this gives you another reason not to miss this incredible clash of the hardcore/punk/grind titans!! As far as FLEXI DISC, it has been one of our favorite vinyl supports ever, and it has been out of production for many years now… furthermore, in such extreme music genres NO ITALIAN LABEL EVER PRODUCED ANY, NOT EVEN IN THE REMOTE PAST… we are so proud to release such a collector’s edition which may find its ideal collocation next to classics such as Napalm Death / S.O.B. split flexi, “Nobody listens anymore”v/a, Confuse “Nuclear addicts”, Infest / PHC split flexi 8″ in every extreme record collection.. it is a dream coming true for FOAD Records!

Source: FOAD Records

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