Growing hate

RAZA DE ODIO were born officially in April 2002, although that project was since some time in the mind of Peso (Necrodeath‘s drummer) and Paco, guitarist with his flamenco culture and rock nature. Very soon they both enlisted John (Necrodeath, Cadaveria and DyNAbyte bass player) that in this occasion uses the nickname El Sargento. But it’s when Zanna (Sadist’s ex-historical leader and voice) joins the team that the project grows in consistency, and then the band will be completed with the Italian-Brazilian López at the second guitar (already Zorn’s guitarist).
The style of the band founds, in a new musical mix, Paco‘s Spanish guitar, and the far extreme metal, influenced by bands like Soulfly, Ill Niño, Puya, Brujería. In the summer 2002, the band records its first promotional CD in order to look for a label and in November Raza de Odio were opener for the Impaled Nazarene in Italy in front of 500 people. The search and the study of a warm and rich sound full of personality are always in development in the Raza de Odio’s rehearsal room, where, further on to get ready for the performances, the band composes its music, confirming that John and Peso’s presence also as composers, in spite of their engagement in Necrodeath, doesn’t allow of thinking to the Raza de Odio as a parallel project, but to a band with its own true identity.
During January 2004 Raza De Odio record their first album (“La Nueva Alarma“) at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, under ther production of Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre drummer); the album is released in September 2004 through Scarlet Records, and after the release the band plays many concert to promote it, even a tour together with Cruentus. In January 2006 Peso leave the band, because too many engagements with Necrodeath. After some months with Mr. Paink, Cruentus’ drummer, the Razas enlist Christo Machete (Christian Parisi, López brother) also Zorn drummer and they get ready for a new hateful era. Raza de Odio are ready to make people head banging, and not only for those which love the metal.

¡Y mi odio ya creceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!